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Max Kade Clinical Clerkships

Since 1996, The American Austrian Foundation and the Max Kade Foundation have been awarding one month clinical clerkships in Austria or the United States to American and Austrian medical students from our partner medical schools. The program aims to supplement the students’ education and broaden their experience by exposing them to a foreign culture and health care system.

In addition to the daily rotation in the hospital, the clerkship in Vienna offers a broad social event program, such as a visit to a typical Viennese “Heuriger”, a city tour, a tour of the “Josephinum”, the medical history museum, etc. Students also attend a weekly German class, which gives them the opportunity to learn and use a new language.

Each week students meet with Open Medical Institute (OMI) Observers, who are physicians practicing in Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the former Soviet Union, invited by The American Austrian Foundation for a month-long Clinical or Research Observership. This gives the students the opportunity to learn about health care not only in Austria, but also in countries in transition.

For Austrian medical students the Max Kade Clerkships offer the possibility to experience first-hand how medicine is practiced and, above all, taught at leading American medical universities. The Anglo-American didactics significantly differs from the teaching methods at Austrian universities, thus providing Austrian students with a new perspective on medical education.