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3 Year Curricula

The academic curriculum of most OMI Seminars is divided into three (sometimes two) modules which rotate yearly (i.e. different subtopics of a main medical field are repeated every third year).

Please refer to the 3-year curriculum of your seminar topic before applying to an OMI seminar in order to make sure that the topics being offered in a given year correspond ideally to your interests.

The 3-year curriculum is put together by the course directors of the seminars in order to attract the right physicians to their courses (i.e. if you are an oncologist specializing in Ovarian Cancer, it is better to apply to the Oncology Seminar in Year 3 because, during the other two years, this specialty will not be covered).

However, the rotating subjects that are covered every three years do not build on each other. They are only linked through the main medical field what means that participants can attend any year of the curriculum without having participated in one of the other years.