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City & Hospital Information


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Upon arrival you should pick up your room key and welcome folder from the Confraternität (Private Clinic Josefstadt).
1. How to get from
- airport to the Confraternität - also see Vienna Airport Lines
- train station Bahnhof Wien Meidling (train station "Meidling") to Confraternität
- train station Westbahnhof (West train station) to Confraternität
- train station Hauptbahnhof to the AAF Office
- Confraternität to your accommodation at Kandlgasse
- accommodation at Kandlgasse to the AAF Office

2. Hospital information and directions from accommodation to hospital
- Allgemeines Krankenhaus - Universitätskliniken (AKH) - Directions
- Donauspital/SMZ-Ost (DSP) - Directions
- Krankenanstalt Rudolfstiftung (KAR) - Directions
- Kaiser Franz Josef Spital (KFJ) - Directions
- Krankenhaus Hietzing (KHR) - Directions
- Otto Wagner Spital (OTTO) - Directions
- Wilhelminenspital (WIL) - Directions


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