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April 2015

2015-04-29 12:06 | Visiting Professorship at the Medical University of Vienna

May 12, 2015, 3 pm, Department of Emergency Medicine - Graham Nichol, University of Washington.

2015-04-08 12:10 | George Washington University Honors the American Austrian Foundation (AAF)

George Washington University’s International Medical Programs (IMP) honored the AAF for the Max Kade Clinical Clerkship Program, at its annual dinner in Washington, DC. Ambassador William Eacho, former US Ambassador to Austria and AAF Board member accepted the award on behalf of the American Austrian Foundation.

This program, which fosters knowledge and experience exchange between 4th year American and Austrian medical students, through clinical rotations began in 1996 and has provided a total of 463 one-month clinical clerkships. We aim to supplement the students’ education and broaden their horizons by exposing them to a foreign health care system and culture.

For more information on the Max Kade Clinical Clerkship Program, please follow this link: http://www.aaf-online.org/index.php/max-kade-clinical-clerkships.html

Left: Amb. William C. Eacho III, Board Member of the American Austrian Foundation happily accepted the IMP Award.
Right: Jeffrey S. Akman, M.D., Dean, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, The George Washington University.

2015-04-02 12:17 | Ambassador Milton A. Wolf Seminar on Media and Diplomacy 2015

From April 19 – 21, the sixth annual Milton Wolf Seminar, organized by the American Austrian Foundation, The Annenberg School of Communication at the University of Pennsylvania and the Diplomatic Academy Vienna will take place in Vienna and is entitled: Triumphs and Tragedies: Media and Global Events in 2014.

The 2015 Seminar will examine the historical continuities and potential paradigm shifts in strategic communication surrounding foreign policy events and media’s complex and evolving role in diplomacy. Panels will cover the following topics:

• Asymmetries and Strategic Communication– New Mechanisms, New Players, New Strategies
• Mobilizing Public Opinion in the Fog of Diplomacy: Iran and the Nuclear Agreement
• The Force that Calls Itself the Islamic State: Managing Representations on the World Stage
• The Diplomacy of Domestic Media and Information Policy
• Ukraine and the Superpowers: An Update in the Revival of Cold War Rhetoric
• Non-Traditional Uses of Media in Foreign Policy Debates

A copy of the agenda can be found here.