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The Open Medical Club

The Open Medical Club (OMC)

Th Open Medical Club is a physical as well as a virtual network where graduates of the OMI-Salzburg Medical Seminars International (SMSI) can come together, share experiences and acquire new medical information. The key goals are to provide distance learning and capacity building.


  • Former and future fellows of Salzburg Medical Seminars International with the purpose of continuously updating medical knowledge and skills
  • OSI representatives and faculty members
  • Highly qualified medical professionals from participating countries may qualify for associate membership by invitation

The Virtual OMC - networking in cyberspace

Fellows who have completed an OMI seminar automatically become a member of the alumni network. All alumni are given free access to state-of-the-art medical information via the Medical Handbook Online, can order additional CD's online and can use Online Case Library for researche purposes.

The Physical OMC - networking through personal contacts

An alumnus can also join the local OMC in his/her country or, if one does not already exist, help to establish an OMC in this country. Local OMCs are closely linked to the OMI local coordinators. To become an active member of the OMC, interested individuals should contact the local coordinator or partner NGO. In countries where there is no local contact available, please contact OMI Network Coordinator.

Members of local OMC´s

  • Disseminate the information gained during the Salzburg Medical Seminars locally through workshops, seminars and by translating information into local languages. Advise local OMI coordinators on planning of health programs.
  • Promote and provide information about the Salzburg Medical Seminars and related activities
  • Host Satellite Symposia, local conferences and social events